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Thank you so much for joining me!!

I am a twenty- five year old nutrition student who loves everything food related! I currently attend The University of Sheffield, completing a Masters of Medical Science degree in Human Nutrition. I also hold a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy and have worked as a physiotherapist for the last few years. You may be wondering why I have gone back to university whilst already having a professional career, however there is a very logical reason behind it, I promise!

Whilst growing up I used to complain about all kinds of weird and wonderful symptoms with my health & was forever complaining of my Β increasingly annoying stomach!! Although I was fairly healthy competing in every sport you can imagine and eating a rather constantly healthy diet (with the obvious few naughties in there) I was forever having ‘IBS’ troubles or feelings of anxiety with dizziness, fatigue and feeling generally not ‘normal’ the majority of the time.

So anyway, a few years down the line I started having ‘fainting’ style attacks and really suffered with my digestive health. I always had to rest waaaay more than everyone else, especially at university, and felt like I couldn’t keep up like everyone else could. The whole thing got worse when I stopped exercising as much, kept going out too much (I was a student, can’t blame me really) and I generally felt unwell a lot of the time.

Fast forward a few more years and a whole lot of bother later and I finally got diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome after a tilt table test. POTS is an autonomic nervous system condition, in which your heart rate increases more than 30 beats per minute after standing upright, on occasions mine was reaching 140 from 60 just on standing! I decided I was going to take control and made a few lifestyle adjustments. I used my new found physiotherapy knowledge and created a gradual exercise programme for myself including rowing, biking and swimming. The start was very slow, however I now spend at least an hour in the gym at each time with only positive effects!

I also started taking medication to slow my heart rate which helped quite a bit in my opinion. The biggest thing of all though was the change in my diet. I had never realised prior to this how much what you eat effects your body and with an interest in science and physiology I became increasingly fascinated with nutrition and health. I gradually cut out gluten making a MASSIVE difference in my stomach pain and symptoms. My digestion slowly started to recover and my health followed. After having later tested positive on routine bloods for celiac disease (after a dodgy meal whilst eating out for my friends birthday) I then swore off gluten forever.

Let me be clear, even though this was the case for me, by no means am I saying you should cut out gluten or any other foods unless medically implied. What works for one, may not work for another and there is no need to cut out delicious foods without the need. Gluten free foods on the supermarket shelves can be just as lacking in nutrients as normal ‘unhealthy’ foods.

Anyway enough about that, I wanted to create this blog as a way of sharing my passion for health and a balanced nutritious diet in which can make you feel better about yourself and life in so many ways. I will share the latest nutritional research and develop delicious, affordable, nourishing recipes which can fit in around your lifestyle.

If you want to ask any questions just give me a message.






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  1. Inspirational words Charly I’m very proud of you for doing this. Xxx my ‘silent’ illness of endometriosis started at 17 and equally only diagnosed at 29yrs I relate to so many of your thoughts. Well done for speaking up and trying to help others xxx cousin Abs xx

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    1. Thank you so much Abi, means a lot. You must know all too well what a struggle invisible illnesses can be. I think your doing amazing with how you manage yours. So glad you like my posts, hopefully there will be many more to come! eek


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