Peanut butter cups

Hi everyone,

I have such a treat for you all this week. Peanut butter cups!! They are seriously amazing, you guys NEED to try this one. They are made with all natural ingredients, wheat and dairy free and also high in protein, so make a great post workout snack. They are also full of fibre and high in magnesium, essential for muscle and nerve function.

Another benefit is that they also taste insanely good. Chocolate and peanut butter – can it get any better??

Makes 16-20 peanut butter cups. 

To make you will need: 

An ice cube tray (yes really)

Two tbsps raw cacao

Four tbsps smooth whole earth peanut butter

Two tbsps coconut oil

Three pitted deglet nour dates

Two tbsps maple syrup

Sprinkle sea salt


Mix all ingredients in the food processor until smooth.

Line the tray with a thin layer coconut oil in each cube space.

Pour the mixture into the cube spaces, removing any excess mixture at the top.

Freeze for 30 minutes until set.

Take the peanut butter cups out by pushing them out from the bottom..

& they are ready to eat.

To keep fresh store in the fridge as they are likely to melt if left out in higher temperatures for too long.

Enjoy & as always let me know what you think!!

Love Charlotte



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